How to Breed Dachshund Dogs


The dachshund is a friendly dog breed easily recognized by its long "wiener dog" body and short stubby legs. These dogs, originally bred in Germany for digging, enjoy companionship as puppies and throughout their adult and senior years. Knowing how to breed dachshunds gives you the opportunity to mate your doxies to produce more family companions for you and those close to you.

Things You'll Need

  • Mating pair of dachshunds
  • Welping box
  • Select a mating pair of dachshunds. There are different breed standards such as the dapple, which is white and speckled; the black and tan; or the standard cinnamon-colored variety. There are also long-haired dachshunds. If you want a better chance of producing the same types of doxies in a litter, select two of the same variety. Otherwise, experiment by mixing and matching different-haired doxies.

  • Schedule a visit for your mating dachshunds with a veterinarian who specializes in canine husbandry. Most vets have the training and know-how to help you mate healthy pups, but make sure they also have some work with husbandry as an area of focus. Your vet will give your dogs checkups to help you determine what kind of dietary needs your dogs will need while trying to mate them.

  • Give your dogs time to be alone when the female comes into heat. When a female dog goes into heat, an adult male dog gets the message and usually has no problem mating -- even in front of family members and guests. Ensure their privacy during the dog's heat cycle by letting them outside together or even locking them in a bedroom together a few times a day.

  • Observe your female dachshund for signs of pregnancy. Within a couple of weeks after her heat cycle ends, she my show telltale signs of being pregnant. Like most mammals, she may be more tired, sluggish, hungry, and even urinate more frequently. If you notice any of these signs, take her to a vet for a pregnancy test.

  • Provide your female doxie with a welping box, which is essentially any enclosure that provides her with a safe haven for birthing pups. This can be a large animal crate lined with blankets, a cardboard box, or a specifically purchased welping box from a pet supply store. Show your female dachshund the welping box a few times until she gets the idea of what it is for. Put it in an area of the home that is quiet and undisturbed by traffic. She will eventually start going there to prepare for birth.

Tips & Warnings

  • Enhance your pregnant dog's diet with calcium and iron-rich foods. Read the ingredients of different dog food brands after you have checked with your vet for her dietary needs.
  • Observe the male doxie's behavior for signs of aggression when he is around the puppies. Sometimes, male dogs require supervision for this reason.

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