How to Prevent Others From Draining Your Energy

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Stop others from stressing you out and learn to have more energy.

Sometimes we find ourselves always saying "yes" to others in order to please their every need. People-pleasers suffer from chronic overcommitment. They strive to complete so much that they find themselves rushing from one task to another without slowing down to take a breath. It's important to take time out to relax once and while. To do so, you must learn to prevent others from draining your energy so you can focus on yourself.


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      Practicing telling others no. It may take considerable time and effort to learn to do so if you always say yes. Start practicing with your close friends and family members who you know respect you and care about your time and energy.

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      Consider your current commitments. Avoid overloading yourself with extra tasks that just leaves you with little energy at the end of the day. Know your limitations. Say no to the next person that asks you for a favor if you already have enough things on your agenda.

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      Don't let others make you feel bad because you can't help them. Don't feel guilty for saying no when you have to. Holding onto guilt in your daily life can leave you feeling stressed. Keep in mind that usually those same people who tend to drain your energy can find someone else who's available to help them out.

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      Compromise. Learn to ask others to share in responsibility. For example, agree to have the holidays in your home, but don't agree to cook the entire meal. Ask everyone to contribute by bringing a dish. When others help out, you have less work to do and have more energy to enjoy yourself.

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      Say no to others politely, but also be honest. For instance, say something like, "Thank you for asking me to pitch in next weekend, but I can't commit at this time," and then give a reason. However, its not necessary that you give a reason for why you can't commit if you don't want to.

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