How to Make a Two-Shouldered Toga Out of a Sheet

Modern togas come in two styles, one shoulder togas and two shouldered togas. Women often elect to wear the two shouldered togas because they offer more chest coverage and support with an adjustable belt that secures the neckline. This design is also more form fitting. Men can also wear the two shouldered design, especially for added warmth in cold weather or on Halloween night.

Things You'll Need

  • King sized sheet
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • 4 Safety pins
  • 2 Curtain rings
  • Belt


    • 1

      Hold the sheet vertically in front of you and fold it in half horizontally. Cut down the fold line to create two equal sheet sections.

    • 2

      Hold up each section of the sheet vertically and fold in the edges until each section is equivalent in width to the widest point of your body.

    • 3

      Measure your height. Subtract 1 foot from your height measurement. Fold each sheet section down from the top to the length of the reduced measurement. Pin each section to hold the fold at this point. This is the bottom of your toga.

    • 4

      Thread the top of each sheet section through a curtain ring. Pull enough fabric through the ring to tie a knot with the ends of the sections.

    • 5

      Bring the toga over your head with the knot positioned at the back of your neck. The curtain rings should sit on your shoulders.

    • 6

      Pin the draped sheet sections together at the hips. Put a belt on and slide it up or down as needed to achieve the desired neckline and fit.

Tips & Warnings

  • White is the traditional toga color, so use a white sheet.
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