How to Create Glare on Text

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You can use many high end graphics editing software to give your text a glare effect.

When creating a text-centered graphic for your website or other design projects, concentrating on images and colors can detract from the graphic's text. In contrast, using stylized text can be more visually effective than an elaborate design pattern. You can add a glare effect to your text to increase its emphasis in your graphic. Use the select, feathering and type tools provided by your graphics editing software to give your text a glare effect that will help it stand out.


    • 1

      Open your image editor. Select its "Text Type" tool. Click on your image, then place the text you want to add glare to on your image.

    • 2

      Select your image editor's "select" tool. Change the "feathering" property to 55 pixels.

    • 3

      Select around your text using your image editor's "select" tool. Make sure you do not select more space than necessary. Your glare effect will be most effective when your selection is as close to your text as possible.

    • 4

      Select "white" as your secondary color, then delete the selection.

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