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Writing a research paper requires reviewing and compiling a multitude of outside sources to support your ideas and arguments. In order to maintain academic integrity you are required to give each of these resources credit in the form of a footnote or entry in a bibliography. The formats for citing your resources can be very complicated and differ depending on if the work was a book, film, or edited material. Combining cites can be tricky but there are formulas to follow to give proper credit where it is due.

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      Seek citation information from the book regarding the authors name. In this particular case, the reason that there is an author in an edited version is that there are sections of the book that have original content. For example, the author may have been responsible for pages 100-150 in the edited work. Take note of this individual for future steps.

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      Gather citation information regarding the name of the book's editor. This individual has been responsible for selecting and organizing several sections and smaller articles written by a variety of authors who are part of a whole. It may be the case that there are several editors, Take note of all of these individuals for future steps.

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      Check with your professor or program to see which citation format is preferred. There are three format style guides: The Modern Language Association, The American Psychological Association and The Chicago Manual of Style. Only the Chicago Manual of Style offers a specific citation format for this unique situation. Inform your professor of this if he does not use this style format because he may have a preferred alternate way for you to cite this in your paper.

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      Complete the citation in the form required when the cite is used as a footnote. In the Chicago Manual of Style the format is: Author First and Last Name, Title of Book, ed. followed by editors First and Last name (city of publication: publisher, year), pages authored. A complete example would be: Edward B. Tylor, Researches into the Early Development of Mankind and the Development of Civilization, ed. Paul Bohannan (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1964), 194.

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      Complete the citation in the form required if your cite is being used in your bibliography. In the Chicago Manual of Style the format is: author Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Edited by Editor First and Last Name. City of Publishing: Publisher, Date Published. A complete example would be: Tylor, Edward B. Researches into the Early Development of Mankind and the Development of Civilization. Edited by Paul Bohannan. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1964.

Tips & Warnings

  • If there are two editors write their names in alphabetical order.
  • If there are more than two editors, cite the first noted and after his name state eds. or et al.
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