How to Use the ASTRO File Manager to Get Your Pictures Off the Phone's Storage


Most mobile phones manage your files behind the scenes, giving you little or no control over that management. The ASTRO File Manager is an app for Android devices that gives you great control over data management. With ASTRO, you can view file directories on your phone and memory card, and even manage those files directly by moving, renaming or deleting them. If you have taken or saved pictures on your phone's memory, ASTRO can help you free up space by moving the pictures onto the device's storage card in just a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • SD memory card
  • Open the "Astro File Manager" app. You can locate this app by pressing the "Home" button, selecting the "Apps" menu and then selecting "ASTRO" from the list of apps.

  • Navigate to the location of the picture files you want to move. You can use the "Up" button along the toolbar at the top of the app to go up one directory. Open folders simply by selecting them. If you are looking for pictures saved by an app you use, you may need to check that app's documentation to find where it stores those pictures.

  • Select the "Multi" button in the toolbar and then select each picture you want to move. If you do not see this button, try dragging your finger along the toolbar to display options hidden to the side. This allows you to perform the same task on multiple files, so if you are only moving a single picture, you don't need to use this function. ASTRO File Manager will highlight each selected file.

  • Select the "Edit" option from the toolbar.

  • Select "Move." The files will appear unchanged but they are ready to be moved to a new location.

  • Navigate to the location in which you want to save the files. Find the SD card directory by selecting the "Up" button in the toolbar until the folder "sdcard" is available and then select that folder to open it.

  • Select "Edit."

  • Select "Paste." ASTRO will remove the files from their location in your phone's memory and save them in the location you're currently viewing.

Tips & Warnings

  • To create new directories in ASTRO, press the "Menu" button on your phone, select "New" and then "Directory." Type in a name for the directory and select "Create."
  • Exercise caution in moving, renaming or deleting files and folders in ASTRO. Moving pictures that you've taken or transferred to your phone is fine, but if you are careless, you could delete important files that may cause errors in apps or on your phone itself.

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