How to Create an Opinion Survey Essay

Thoroughness is important when writing an opinion survey essay.
Thoroughness is important when writing an opinion survey essay. (Image: Jochen Sand/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

After conducting an opinion survey, it’s standard procedure to elaborate on the results of the survey. This can take very different formats, ranging from bullet point presentations or Excel spreadsheets to an essay summarizing the results. The essay format, if done correctly, provides enough latitude to cover the information and results thoroughly for the reader.

Open the essay with an introductory paragraph explaining to the reader what information will be presented and in what order so it’s easy for them to understand. For example, “We recently conducted a survey among soda drinkers to see who preferred our soda to our number one competitor. While we were not surprised by a majority of the findings, we did uncover some interesting information that will help us to better align our brand image with our brand strategy going forward. This essay will report on those surveyed, the questions asked, and the results of the survey. It will conclude with an analysis of the findings.

Begin the second paragraph by explaining to the reader the demographic selected for the opinion survey and why they were selected. For example, “Our opinion survey group was comprised of professionals between the ages of 20 to 50. We selected this demographic because our primary consumers are young professionals between the ages of 20 to 35 and we’d like to increase that demographic to those aged 35 to 50.

Familiarize the reader with the format and questions asked in the opinion survey in your next paragraph. For example, “This survey was conducted over the phone, took an average of 10 minutes and those surveyed were asked about their current soda drinking habits. This included information about the amount of sodas consumed each week, type of soda, as well as reasons for drinking those sodas, i.e. flavor, calories, and so on.

State the results of the opinion survey. For example, “The results of the opinion survey showed that the demographic ages 20 to 3,5 prefer our soda primarily because of the taste, while the demographic ages 35 to 50 prefer our soda primarily because of the low calories. The younger demographic also cited brand loyalty as one of their top reasons for drinking our soda.”

Elaborate on the results of the opinion survey, providing a brief analysis and summary of the findings. For example, “Based on the results of the survey, we have concluded that to target the older professional demographic, we will need to develop a secondary brand image that aligns itself with their values. We also are launching a campaign to better link our taste with our low calorie offering.”

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