How to Draw a Jungle Scene With Animals & Plants


There are several ways to approach drawing a jungle scene. You can create a realistic drawing, or one that is stylized to depict a less realistic combination of plants and animals. It would be unlikely that you would see a lion, giraffe, monkeys and a rhinoceros in a jungle, for example. Either type of drawing requires the use of reference images that clearly depict the items in your composition. A good composition might be some vine-covered trees, large ferns, a leopard sleeping on a large branch and a parrot sitting on another branch above.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Eraser
  • Reference images
  • Gather reference images showing these animals and plants around your drawing area. Sketch your composition on the paper, beginning with the background. Draw the outline of the tree trunks and branches, interrupted by outgrowths of leaves and large ferns. Use more defined lines as you move forward in the drawing. Use more detail for items closer in the drawing.

  • Detail the veins in the large leaves and use shading and back spots to add texture to the trunks and branches. Create lots of shadows to simulate a murky jungle scene. Use a chamois to shade the background vegetation. Make sure the vegetation looks lush and fills in the entire drawing. Add more detailed plants to fill in the drawing near the front, but leave space for the leopard and the parrot.

  • Draw the outlines of the leopard and the parrot --- the leopard in a side view, stretched out along a limb with its head on its paws and its hind leg and tail hanging down from the tree. Draw the leopard a accurately as you can to make it look realistic.

  • Draw the detail of the head, closed eyes, nose, paws and the leg hanging down. Draw circles to mark the black spots on its fur and shade them in. Shade the fur with the chamois and clean up the lines separating the leopard from the branch.

  • Draw the outline of the parrot above the leopard. Draw its beak, eyes and fine lines to indicate the feathers. Detail the feet as they grasp the branch. Continue refining the face of the bird and keep it lighter than the rest of its body. Shade in the feathers and use the chamois to blend, rubbing it along the length of the bird. Draw the long tail as it appears underneath the branch.

  • Add more plants around the animals. This will add more realism and perhaps cover some of the more difficult areas at the same time. Add more detail to the plants in the very front, including veins in the leaves, and the texture of wood. Use the eraser to create highlights and do clean up any unwanted smudges.

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