How to Set Up a Hotspot for My Computer Using My Droid Incredible

HTC has manufactured many Android phones, including several in the Droid lineup along with some devices from Motorola and Samsung. Like most Android devices, HTC's Droid Incredible has many wireless networking options, including the option to extend its 3G network access as its own wireless network, or "hotspot," which your computer can then connect to. You can set up your Incredible's hotspot from scratch in usually just a few minutes, and if you have the Incredible 2, you can actually use the exact same process to set up its hotspot.

Things You'll Need

  • Data plan with hotspot feature
  • Computer with Wi-Fi capability


    • 1

      Press the "Home" button to reach your Droid Incredible's "Home" screen. This button has the image of a house on it.

    • 2

      Tap the App button in the lower-left corner of the Incredible's display. This is the button that brings up the list of the apps on your phone.

    • 3

      Tap "3G Mobile Hotspot." A prompt will appear, giving you information about the mobile hotspot feature if you've never accessed it before. Tap the "OK" button to continue.

    • 4

      Type in a name for the hotspot.

    • 5

      Tap the drop-down menu by the word "Security," and select a type of security. "WPA2" is the best option and requires that you then create a password at least eight characters long. You could leave the hotspot open-access, but that could become a major security risk because anyone nearby could log on to your hotspot.

    • 6

      Tap "3G Mobile Hotspot" to begin broadcasting the network. You can now leave the hotspot setup screen by pressing the "Home" key.

Tips & Warnings

  • To connect to the network, just click the network icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen on your PC to bring up the list of available wireless networks. You'll connect to whatever network name you selected for your Incredible's hotspot.
  • Just tap the "3G Mobile Hotspot" option again to turn off the hotspot when you're done.
  • Any data that devices use while connected to your Droid Incredible will count as data on your phone's plan, which could add charges to your bill.
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