How to Delete a Rediffmail Account

Rediffmail is a free Web-based email service provided by India Limited. One of the most widely used mail services in India, Rediffmail offers all the standard features that most other Web-based email clients offer. If you do not use the Rediffmail account, you can choose to deactivate it. There is no direct way to deactivate Rediffmail. The only way to delete the account is by being inactive for three months. After that, the mail account is removed from the system forever.


    • 1

      Log in to your Rediffmail account by typing your user name and password.

    • 2

      Click "Inbox." Click the check box on the top bar to check all email messages. Click the "Delete" button.

    • 3

      Click "Log out."

    • 4

      Wait for three months without ever logging in to your Rediffmail account. After three months, your Rediffmail account will be deleted and removed permanently from the system.

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