How to Dunk Off an Offensive Rebound in My Player Mode

While gaming technology continues to improve and evolve, the NBA 2K Sports franchise has been developing new moves and strategies to create a more realistic experience on and off the basketball court. The "My Player" feature on the NBA2K10 and 2K11 games allows players to create and control their own player as he progresses through the NBA from a rookie to a veteran star player. If your player has enough skill points to rebound and dunk the ball, you can perform a dunk off an offensive rebound with the right jump timing and positioning under the basket.


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      Run towards your basket by using the left joystick on your game controller to control your player. If you are far from the basket, you will not be able to dunk off an offensive rebound. You can only execute an offensive rebound dunk from a rebound that is above or near the rim.

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      Position yourself around the rim before your teammate attempts to shoot the ball. For PS3, press the "L2" button to execute a "box-out" maneuver so you can get the inside position for an offensive rebound dunk. For Xbox 360, press the "Left-Back (LB)" button while positioning yourself in front of the player to execute the box-out move. For the Wii, press the "1" button.

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      Time the jump and press the "L2" button and the "square" button together to execute a put-back offensive rebound dunk for the PS3. For the Xbox 360, press the "Right-Top (RT)" and "X" buttons to execute the put-back dunk. For the Wii, press the "B" button and move the Wii remote in an upwards position to jump and perform a put-back dunk on offense.

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      Configure the controller settings for the PC version of NBA 2K11 by selecting "Options" from the main menu and clicking on the "Controller Setup" option. Change the "Put-back Dunk or Layup" and "Positional Play call" controls to any button on your keyboard that is most comfortable for you. When you first start the game, only the basic defensive and offensive controls will be set up for you. Therefore, you must set up the other controls, such as "Put-back Dunk or Layup and "Positional Play call" separately. Use the control you set while in game play to execute the dunk off an offensive rebound.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you jump too soon, your player will not be able to reach the ball while it is above the basket.
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