How to Change a Header in VBulletin 4

VBulletin is a forum software package that powers many Internet message boards. VBulletin is successful, in part, due to the users' ability to customize their forum with various plug ins, themes and third party add-ons. One of the first things a message board owner will want to do after installing VBulletin will be to change the default header at the top of the page. The standard installation will say "VBulletin" across the top. This header can be changed to reflect the name or logo of your website.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint software
  • FTP Software


    • 1

      Create a new header image using a paint program, such as Paint.Net or Photoshop. The standard VBulletin header image is 45 pixels high by 155 pixels high. Create a new image file to these dimensions and build your header image inside. Save the image as either a JPG or PNG file.

    • 2

      Upload the image to your server. Use an FTP software program, such as FileZilla or SmartFTP, to connect to the web server that hosts your VBulletin software. Navigate to the images folder and upload your new header image. Close the FTP software after the file has been transferred.

    • 3

      Log into the administrative control panel for your VBulletin forum. Go to the admin control panel by pointing your web browser to:

      Note that you will need to change the address to correspond with your domain name and the directory you have VBulletin installed in. Enter the user name and password for the administrator's account to log in to the admin control panel.

    • 4

      Edit the template style page. Under the admin navigation menu, look for "Style and Templates". Click that navigation option, then click "Style Manager". Scroll down to the "titleimage" variable. Change the path of this variable to reflect the path to the image that you uploaded to the server. Click "Save" to save your changes.

    • 5

      Update the CMS setting. If you use the Content Management System for VBulletin, open the "CMS" tab in the admin control panel. Click the "Edit" icon to the right of the title. The edit icon is represented by a small pencil. Click the pencil and look for the "Style Combo Box." Select "Inherent" for the style to set the CMS to automatically use the same header as the forum.

    • 6

      Log out of the admin control panel and close your Web browser.

Tips & Warnings

  • Changes are instant. If you still see the old VBulletin header, try clearing your browser's cache, then return to the page.
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