How to Draw a Teen


Drawing a teen is much like drawing any other person. The same basic techniques apply but you will need to draw certain features to identify that the person that you are drawing is indeed a teenager. Focus on features like height, hairstyle, jewelry and accessories and clothing to make sure that people who see your drawing understand that what you have drawn is a teenager.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Decide on whether you are drawing a female or a male. A male will have more muscle mass while a female will have more shape in the hips and chest.

  • Keep proportion in mind. Draw a head that might be smaller than an adult's but larger than a child's and use that head size to develop the height of the teen that you are drawing. Note that the average person is six heads tall and use that idea when figuring the height of the teen in your drawing.

  • Decide on the basic shape of the teen that you are drawing in regard to body size. Consider whether the teen is to be skinny, muscular, thick or average. Draw a series of shapes such as squares, rectangles and cylinders to map out what you want your teen to look like in regard to shape. Draw lightly in this step to create a basic outline that can easily be erased later.

  • Determine where they will be placed and draw eyes, ears, noses, hands, elbows and feet. Note that when a person is standing upright that the their hands when at their sides fall just below the waist. Pay close attention to where the feet of your character are pointing in relation to how the character is standing.

  • Draw the details to the various parts of the body. If you are drawing a male, make your lines thick; if you are drawing a female, use thinner lighter lines and give them a curvy touch to add a sense of femininity.

  • Add a shadow to your character. Squint your eyes and pick up the depth of the shadows to help you create a more realistic look.

  • Draw the hair on your character. Think about the hairstyles that are popular for teens at the moment. Boys aften either have think hair and bangs or short hair that is spiked. Girls commonly have long straight or curly hair or hair that is layered with differnt lengths at the ends. Add details such as hair bows or hats to help determine gender and to create a unique look.

  • Give your character a sense of fashion by adding trendy clothing, accessories and shoes to your drawing. Teen boys often wear t-shirts and baggy shorts or jeans and skateboard-style or athletic shoes while teen girls wear more form-fitting fashions and sandals or shoes with heels. Add accessories such as jewelry, backpacks, purses, cell phones and MP3 players to complete the teen look that you are aiming to capture.

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