How to Run Photoshop Elements 7 on Linux

Adobe Photoshop and its cousin, Photoshop Elements, are available for both Mac and Windows systems. However, neither Photoshop nor Photoshop Elements will run natively on Linux systems. There are two ways to get around this and run both programs on a computer with a Linux OS.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows installation CD/DVD
  • Photoshop Elements installation disc


  1. Use a Virtual Machine

    • 1

      Download the appropriate VirtualBox package for your Linux distribution from, then install it using either sudo or an alternative installer. VirtualBox is a free open-source software package that allows you to create a virtual computer on top of your own machine. This virtual computer can run a completely different operating system, making it a good choice for running Windows software on a Linux system.

    • 2

      Insert the Windows install disc into your disc drive. Using the VirtualBox Manager, create a new virtual hard drive for Windows and install Windows onto the virtual drive. Reboot the virtual machine.

    • 3

      Insert the Photoshop Elements install disc into your disc drive. The drive should be recognized by the virtual Windows machine. Navigate to the CD folder within the Windows machine and double-click the "setup.exe" file.

    • 4

      Follow the on-screen prompts to install Photoshop Elements. It will now run inside your Windows installation on your Linux machine.

    Use Wine

    • 5

      Download and install Wine from Wine is a Windows emulation software package that allows Windows programs to run natively on Linux machines. To install, download the correct package for your distribution from the downloads page and install it using the package manager.

    • 6

      Insert the Photoshop Elements CD into the CD drive. In the CD folder, double-click on the installer; this starts the install and allows Photoshop Elements to run on your Linux machine. If double-clicking the installer does nothing, open a terminal, navigate to the installation CD folder and type "wine setup.exe." This should start the install and allow Photoshop Elements to run.

    • 7

      Double-click the Photoshop Elements icon to start the program. Alternatively, open a terminal and navigate to the directory where Elements is installed, and type "wine elements.exe."

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