How to Stop Grinding Teeth in Sleep Naturally

The medical term for teeth grinding is bruxism, which is a medical disorder referring to a person who grinds his teeth or clenches his jaw unconsciously. If a person grinds his teeth during sleep the term is sleep bruxism. Teeth grinding is often mild or severe. The severe form causes problems such as damaged teeth, headaches and jaw line problems. Mild and infrequent sleep bruxism usually doesn't require treatment but moderate to severe bruxism does. While medications are available to help with this disorder, there are natural remedies as well.


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      Reduce your stress levels. For many people stress causes teeth grinding at night. Deep breathing and other relaxation methods can help with stress management. Meditation is also beneficial for some people. Learn about the various types of deep breathing, relaxation and meditation methods from books, videos and CDs.

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      Take a warm bath before bedtime. This is relaxing for many people and helps them to sleep better. Elevated comfort levels reduce the chances of teeth grinding.

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      Exercise during the day. The process gets your heart pumping and tires you out, making sleep more restful.

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      Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol in the evening. These beverages both have stimulant properties. Alcohol can make the grinding worse. Smoking is another stimulant to avoid. Engaging in only relaxing activities before bedroom is a natural treatment for sleep bruxism.

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      Use behavior modification. Learn to position your tongue and teeth in a new way to reduce teeth grinding. Practice the new position until it becomes a habit. The Mayo Clinic suggests, "Concentrate on resting your tongue upward with your teeth apart and your lips closed."

Tips & Warnings

  • See a doctor if these natural remedies don't work. Also get regular dental check-ups to see if the teeth grinding is causing problems.
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