How to Have Multiple Boyfriends in "Sims 3"


"The Sims 3" is a computer game released in July 2009 on the Windows and Mac operating systems. Like the iterations before it in the series, you can simulate many lifelike situations in "The Sims 3" once you have created your Sim. If you have created a Sim with the "Commitment Issues" trait, your lifetime wish may be to be the boyfriend or girlfriend of 10 different Sims. This can be done over a lengthy period of time with one boyfriend at a time or quickly with up to 10 boyfriends at the same time.

  • Load the Sim you want to play. Its gender is irrelevant; all Sims are gender-blind.

  • Go into town and meet new male Sims. If you are playing a new character, you can sit at home and wait for neighbors to come and welcome you to the neighborhood. Return home once you have met a sufficient amount of male Sims.

  • Click the "Relationships" tab on your toolbar. Click the icon of one of the male Sims and select "Invite Over." If he accepts, wait for him to arrive at your door. If he does not accept (if he is at work), invite another male Sim over.

  • Raise your relationship with the male Sim in your house. This is done the same way you met him: clicking the male Sim and selecting all of the options under the "Friendly," "Funny" and "Special" menus. When your relationship bar changes to read "Friend," start using the options under the "Romance" menu to flirt with him.

  • Select "Propose going steady" once your relationship bar reads "Good Friend." Unless the male Sim has commitment issues, he will accept and become your boyfriend. If he has commitment issues, continue flirting until the relationship bar is completely filled.

  • Click the male Sim and select "Ask to Leave."

  • Repeat steps 3 through 5 with other male Sims. Even if they know that you are dating another Sim, they will readily accept your proposal, believing you care for them more than your significant other.

Tips & Warnings

  • Only flirt with another Sim if your boyfriend is off of the lot. For example, make your boyfriend go home if you want to flirt with another in your home, or go home if your boyfriend is downtown.
  • If you are a celebrity, the media will automatically find out that you are cheating, and it will become public news.

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