How to Get the Whales Out of the Way in "Pokemon Emerald"


"Pokemon Emerald" for the Game Boy Advance continues the franchise's tradition of pitting players against Pokemon trainers and wild Pokemon alike -- and sometimes the presence of wild Pokemon stymies your progress during your journey. For example, wailmer float in the waters just outside of Lilycove City, blocking your way. You must have earned the seventh gym badge and win a tussle with Team Aqua to finally make the wailmer move.

  • Get the seventh gym badge in Mossdeep City and play until you get to the beach outside Lilycove City. Surf north to the cave -- this is the Team Aqua hideout.

  • Talk to the grunts outside. Fly to Slateport City with the information they give you. Talk to Captain Stern at the harbor on the city's north side.

  • Follow the sound from the megaphone to the harbor. Confront Archie/Maxie and he will take off in the water -- this is your chance to infiltrate the Team Aqua hideout .

  • Return to the cave outside Lilycove City. The grunts are gone, enabling you to go inside and complete the dungeon. The wailmer that blocked your path in the water will be gone once you defeat the dungeon.

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