How to Get a Chocobo Wing in "FFX"


In "Final Fantasy X," using Chocobo Wings in battle casts the spell "haste" on the entire party. You also can create the invaluable "auto-haste" armor skill and teach an Aeon the "Hastega" skill using these rare items. Chocobo Wings can be obtained in a few ways, depending on your location in the game and your ability to reach certain areas; most of your chances to acquire Chocobo Wings come from stealing or bribing an enemy from a random encounter in those specific areas.

  • Go to the Omega Ruins and fight a fiend called "Machea." Bribe it, and for 360,000 gil he will give you 60 Chocobo Wings.

  • Go to the monster arena and steal from Ornitholestes. On rare occasions, you can steal a Chocobo Wing. Unlock Ornitholestes in the monster arena by catching three of the following fiends: Dinonix, Iguion, Ipiria, Melusine, Raptor, Yowie and Zaurus.

  • Steal from Fenrir in the monster arena. Rarely, you can steal a Chocobo Wing. Unlock Fenrir by catching three of the following fiends: Bandersnatch, Dingo, Garm, Mi'ihen Fang, Sand Wolf, Skoll and Snow Wolf.

  • Catch all of the fiends in the Thunder Plains and you unlock the Cactuar King in the Monster Arena. For unlocking the Cactuar King, you get 99 Chocobo Wings. When fighting the Cactuar King, steal from him and you may likely steal Chocobo Wings.

  • Go to the Sanubia Sands and steal from a cactuar. On rare occasion, you can steal a Chocobo Wing.

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