How to Crochet Eyes


Make crochet eyes for crocheted toys in place of store-bought plastic safety eyes. Safety eyes are not safe for children under 3 years old, so crocheted eyes are a much safer alternative. Crochet eyes also give your crochet toy a more cohesive look.

Things You'll Need

  • Yarn, weight and color of your choice
  • Crochet hook, size that corresponds to yarn
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle


  • Check the yarn label to find out which size crochet hook works best.

Step 1

Make a slipknot and slide it onto the crochet hook.

Step 2

Wrap the yarn around the hook; then pull it through the slipknot. This creates one chain stitch.

Step 3

Repeat Step 2 to add one more chain stitch.

Step 4

Insert the hook into the second chain from the hook. Wrap the yarn around the hook; then pull it through one loop. Wrap the yarn around the hook once more; then pull it through both loops on the hook. You have made one single crochet.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 five more times to make a total of six single crochet stitches in the second chain.

Step 6

Form a loop by connecting the last single crochet to the first single crochet with a slip stitch. To slip stitch, insert the hook into the first single crochet, wrap the yarn around the hook, and pull it through all the loops on the hook. This completes Round 1 of the eye.

Step 7

Insert the hook into the first single crochet. Single crochet twice into this stitch.

Step 8

Repeat Step 7 all the way around, single crocheting twice into each stitch of the previous round. When you finish, you should have 12 stitches. Repeat Step 6 to finish the round. This completes Round 2 of the eye.

Step 9

Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail. Wrap the yarn around the hook; then pull the entire yarn tail through the loop.

Step 10

Thread the yarn needle with the yarn tail. Use small running stitches to sew the eye to the toy.

Changing the Size of the Eye

Depending on the size of the crocheted toy, you may want to change the size of the crochet eye. One way to change the size is to use a different yarn weight. For example, if you would like a smaller eye, follow the listed steps, but use a fingering-weight yarn instead of a worsted-weight yarn. If you would like an eye that is larger, use a bulky or super-bulky yarn. Note that when you change yarn weight, you will also need to change the size of the crochet hook.

Another way to change the size of the eye is to add or subtract rounds. For a smaller eye, follow Steps 1 to 6; then skip to Step 9. For a larger eye, follow Steps 1 to 8; then single crochet twice into each stitch of the second round for a total of 24 stitches.

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