How to Tie a Bandana in the Front

A bandanna is a useful, inexpensive fashion accessory.
A bandanna is a useful, inexpensive fashion accessory. (Image: Images)

Many years ago bandannas were available only in a red and white pattern and a few other select colors. This multi-purpose fashion accessory is now available in every color of the rainbow and a wide assortment of patterns. They are an inexpensive and versatile accompaniment to casual clothing. Tying the bandanna is not complicated since the fabric is thin and lightweight. Whether you wear it around your neck as a scarf or as a headband, the bandanna adds color and a bit of pizazz to your ensemble.

Neckline Accessory

Lay the bandanna flat on a table and smooth out any wrinkles with your hands.

Lift the right top corner and fold it down to the left bottom corner to form a triangle shape.

Hold each corner of the base -- the long section -- in each hand.

Drape it around the back of your neck so that the pointed section of the bandanna is in the center of your back.

Bring the ends of the bandanna around to the front of your neck.

Tie the bandanna in a simple knot. This is an excellent way to add color to a plain, solid-colored t-shirt. After adding the bandanna, it is not necessary to wear jewelry around your neck.

Lift your collar up and place it over the bandanna and then smooth it down if you are wearing a button-down shirt. Another idea is to roll the scarf up after folding it diagonally. Tie it around your neck to create a skinny tie with the knot in the front or back depending on the look you desire.

Hair Accessory

Make a ponytail at the crown of your head with an elastic band.

Fold the bandanna in half diagonally.

Roll the bandanna up by starting at the pointed end and rolling toward the wide end of the triangle shape.

Place the bandanna around your head to form a headband and tie it snugly in a simple knot. If you don't want the tails showing, tuck them around the headband. Leave your hair in the ponytail or remove the elastic band to wear it down. This is an effective way to keep your hair out of your eyes while gardening or other chores that cause your hair to fall in front of your face. Another option is to wrap the rolled bandanna around your forehead and tie it at the back of your hair to use as a sweatband.

Tips & Warnings

  • Iron your bandanna with a hot iron before using it to accent your neckline. They are often made of 100 percent cotton and wrinkle easily in drawers.

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