How Can I Put YouTube Videos on Facebook?


Some YouTube videos are so funny, inspirational or interesting that you immediately want to share them with the rest of the world. You can share a video to your own Facebook Timeline by clicking on the Share to Facebook button under it. Alternatively, you can post a link to a video to someone else's Timeline, to a page or to a group by copying its link on YouTube and pasting it in a new Facebook post.

You can also share YouTube videos by email or embed them in Web pages.
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Step 1

Click on the Share icon under the YouTube video you want to share.

A new set of options appear after clicking on the "Share" button.
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Step 2

Select the Share to Facebook icon to open a pop-up window for customizing your post.

In addition to Facebook, YouTube allows you to share videos to other social media platforms, such as Twitter or Reddit.
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Step 3

Type a message in the *Say Something About This... field if you want to add a custom description or message to your Facebook post. For example, you can use this field to tell your friends why they should watch this video and what you thought of it.

Adding a message to your video is optional.
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Step 4

Click on Friends to open a menu for selecting a specific audience for your post. While the default option displays the post to all of your Facebook friends, you can select alternate groups of people from the list, such as Everyone to even allow complete strangers to view your post or Close Friends to display the post only to contacts you added to your Close Friends list.

You can also add your location, include a status update or tag friends by clicking on the respective icons.
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Step 5

Select Post to Facebook to share the video on your Timeline.

Clicking the down-arrow next to your profile picture lets you log in to Facebook as a different user.
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Step 1

Click on Share under the YouTube video, place your cursor anywhere in the address to select the link and press Ctrl-C to copy it to your Windows Clipboard.

If you want to link to a specific point in the video, click the check box and move the video playhead before copying the link.
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Step 2

Visit the Facebook page, group or Timeline to which you want to share the video. Place your cursor in the Write Something... field and press Ctrl-V to paste the link you copied from YouTube. Optionally, enter a message or description to tell your friends or fans more about the video.

Facebook automatically fetches the video thumbnail and description from YouTube.
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Step 3

Select Post to post the video link to the page, group or Timeline.

Selecting "Add Photo/Video" only allows you to share video files stored on your computer, not YouTube links.
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Tips & Warnings

  • In addition to sharing single videos, YouTube also lets you share playlists. To share a playlist, click on the "Share" button under one of its videos and tick the "Share With Playlist" check box. Select whether you want the playlist to start from the current video or from the first video in the list by choosing either "Current Video" or "Start of Playlist" from the drop-down menu. Finally, copy the link to your Clipboard and paste it into a new Facebook post.


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