How to Load Photos on an Apple iPod Nano

One of the main jobs of Apple's iPod Nano is to act as a portable music player. But in addition to playing music, the Nano can also be used to play games and view photos while you're on the go. While the process for loading photos to your iPod Nano differs slightly from adding music, it is similar and requires no additional equipment.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod dock connector to USB cable
  • Latest version of iTunes


    • 1

      Create a folder on your computer where you can put the photos you want to put on your iPod Nano. If you're not moving all photos from your computer you will want to make a separate folder.

    • 2

      Drag the photos you want on your iPod Nano from your main photos folder to the folder you just created.

    • 3

      Use the iPod dock connector to USB cable to connect your iPod Nano to your computer.

    • 4

      Open iTunes.

    • 5

      Click on the iPod Nano icon below the "Devices" tab, which will appear on the left-hand side of iTunes below your iTunes library and the "Store" tab.

    • 6

      Click on the "Photos" tab in the main iTunes window to display your photo options.

    • 7

      Click the box to the left of "Sync Photos from" in the main iTunes window.

    • 8

      Click on the box to the right of "Sync Photos from" and select "Choose folder" --- this will open a pop-up search window in the main iTunes window.

    • 9

      Use the search window to find the folder you created and dragged your photos to.

    • 10

      Click on the folder and click "Choose" in the lower right-hand corner of the pop-up window.

    • 11

      Click the "Sync" button in the lower right-hand corner of the main iTunes window to add the photos to your iPod Nano.

Tips & Warnings

  • The latest version of the iPod Nano that can be used as a photo viewer is the 5th generation: The 6th generation iPod Nano does not include a photo viewing feature.
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