How to Gain Friendship With Pokemon


A Pokemon's friendship, or happiness level, refers to the relationship that it shares with its trainer. Friendship is particularly useful for some types of Pokemon, such as Golbat or Chansey, which only evolve when they reach a certain friendship level. The moves "Frustration" and "Return" are also influenced by a Pokemon's friendship level. Frustration has more power when a Pokemon's friendship level is low, while Return packs more strength when the Pokemon's friendship level is high. Players can affect the friendship level through interactions with Pokemon.

  • Capture a Pokemon in a Luxury ball rather than a regular Pokeball to immediately improve its friendship levels. This is not possible for Pokemon that you breed. Keep the Pokemon in your party frequently to provide another boost to friendship.

  • View the "Summary" screen in the game menu to view a particular Pokemon's nature. Its nature determines the type of berries and Pokeblocks it may like to eat. A Pokemon with an adamant nature, for example, prefers spicy and dislikes dry flavors. Berries you pick up always have a flavor description. Feed your Pokemon flavors of Pokeblocks and berries that it will like to improve friendship scores.

  • Travel to Goldenrod City, Pallet Town, Veilstone City or the Ribbon Syndicate to give your Pokemon a massage. The massage will boost its friendship score. You can take your Pokemon in repeatedly for massages.

  • Acquire the item "Soothe Bell," which doubles the amount of friendship a Pokemon earns when that Pokemon has the item equipped. In "Pokemon Ruby," "Pokemon Sapphire" and "Pokemon Emerald," the item is located in Slateport City. In "Pokemon FireRed" and "Pokemon LeafGreen," it can be found in Pokemon Tower.

  • Find the "Soothe Bell" in Eterna Forest in "Pokemon Platinum," "Pokemon Pearl" and "Pokemon Diamond." It can be found in "Pokemon HeartGold" and "Pokemon Soul Silver" or Nimbasa City in "Pokemon Black" and " Pokemon White." Equip it as a Pokemon's Hold Item.

  • Avoid allowing your Pokemon to faint in battle. When a Pokemon grows weak, swap it out for another Pokemon or give the Pokemon a potion to raise its hit points. Allowing your Pokemon to frequently faint in battle will lower its friendship level.

  • Take your Pokemon for a haircut in Goldenrod City for a friendship improvement, feed it vitamins, use it in battles against other trainers or level it up to provide a friendship boost. Do not give your Pokemon Heal Powder, Energy Root, Revival Herb, or Energy powder, as these lower a Pokemon's friendship level.

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