How to Get Sponsored in Fingerboarding

Fingerboarding uses small replicas of skateboards.
Fingerboarding uses small replicas of skateboards. (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Having a great reputation in the fingerboard industry can gain you a sponsorship from one of the top fingerboard companies. A fingerboard is a small replica of a skateboard that rides by performing skateboarding maneuvers by hand. Fingerboarding has gained international attention and has become a way for some talented individuals to make a living. If you want to become a professional fingerboard competitor, the first step is finding sponsorship.

Things You'll Need

  • Fingerboard
  • Video Camera
  • Suitable software for website design
  • Internet

Enter a few major fingerboard contests. For example, the major contests that attract sponsorship attention are FFI Rail Jam, Lobtrick Fingerboard Contest, and Lyon Wall Street Fingerboard Contest. This will help increase visibility for yourself in the industry.

Record a fingerboard video and post it on YouTube. In the video, perform your best tricks. You want to include a combination of flip tricks, combination rail slides, and gap tricks. The more tricks you link together in one run, the better your chances at attracting a sponsor. The video should be about two minutes long. Share the video on fingerboard forums and blogs to make it viral.

Make a website for your name to create an image. On the website, include several videos of your contest runs, trick videos, and YouTube sponsor tryouts. Take a professional photo of yourself in tech gear. If you want your website to attract the kind of hits that will interest sponsors, put up new content everyday. Content can include trick videos, video diaries, and blog interviews.

Tips & Warnings

  • The best way to attract a sponsor is to make a name for yourself independently. Companies will only sponsor individuals that already have a great reputation. Do not waste time sending videos directly to fingerboard companies. Let them come to you.

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