How to Become Overpowered in "Demon's Souls"


Considered by many as one of the hardest PlayStation 3 games, "Demon's Souls" features an unforgiving combat system that aggressive and under-powered players quickly succumb to. However, you have an advantage: You can practice and get stronger while the enemies remain static in their strength. As Ernest Shackleton said, "Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all."

Mastering Combat

  • The first step to becoming overpowered is becoming a master in combat, as even the strongest swords and axes won't help if you can't hit your enemy. "Demon's Souls" differs from other games in that it doesn't reward aggressive behavior. Certainly, you can progress swinging your sword wildly, but you'll quickly run out of stamina and leave yourself vulnerable to hefty enemy attacks. The game rewards defensive play overall; be sure to take advantage of rolling out of danger or blocking if you use a shield. When the enemy lurches forward and misses attacking you, it's time to strike back; take advantage of his open front and deliver damage before putting your guard back up.

Building a Top Character

  • If you want to be overpowered, you can't let a common enemy stomp all over you. Grinding your stats up to 99 not only improves the respective skill for each point put into it but also increases your soul level, which is a measure of your overall strength; this can reach up to level 712. One good place to quickly earn souls, thereby quickly raising your statistics, is the first tunnel in 2-2; this miner's tunnel holds bearbugs and worms that yield about 7,000 souls.

Character Tendency Boosts

  • Character Tendency affects statistics no matter which direction you lean, but in terms of tangling against enemy characters, going Pure White is the best option for a player who wants to become overpowered due to the bonus to your attack power. Though killing other players who invade as Black Phantoms helps push your Character Tendency towards Pure White, a decrease in the game's player base as of 2014 limits this option; the only way to move towards White without the aid of other players is to kill named Black Phantom NPCs that only appear when you reach Pure Black World Tendency. To move towards Black Character Tendency, you will need to kill friendly characters, such as merchants.

Taking Advantage of World Tendency

  • World Tendency is a beast independent of your character's Tendency. It has its own set of separate effects. Different actions taken shift the world's Tendency: White Tendency makes you truly overpowered by decreasing enemy health and attacks, but Black Tendency gives you a better shot at much more powerful weapons with harder enemies in place. Some examples of these powerful weapons include the Meat Cleaver, which requires the Swollen Demon's Soul of 4-1's Adjudicator, and the Blueblood Sword, which requires the Pureblood Demon's Soul of 5-3's Maiden Astraea.

Modifying World Tendency

  • To move towards White World Tendency, kill the Demons at the end of each world. Killing Primeval Dragons, which appear only once in each world per game, gives the world a major boost towards White Tendency as well. Dying in body form outside of the Nexus will push the world towards Black Tendency, on the other hand, as does killing 1-1's Old King Doran.

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