How to Make a Tier 2 Axis Blade in "Final Fantasy XIII"


"Final Fantasy XIII" is a roleplaying game that was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Players control a cast of characters as they try to complete their mission and defeat the enemies that stand in their way. Each of the characters have a variety of abilities and special powers that can be used during battle. The characters also have specific weapons that each can use. Players can upgrade their weapons to more improved and powerful versions. Lightning's tier 2 weapon, the Enkindler, is created from the Axis Blade and additional items.

Things You'll Need

  • Axis Blade weapon upgraded to level 21
  • Adamantite catalyst
  • Obtain the Omni-Kit key item at the end of Chapter 04.

  • Visit a save station and open the "upgrade" option.

  • Use the components from your inventory to upgrade the Axis Blade to level 21.

  • Use the Adamantite item to create the tier 2 Axis Blade, also called the Enkindler.

Tips & Warnings

  • Adamantite can be found by defeating various enemies. Some may drop it as a random item. You can also purchase it from the R&D Depot store for 220,000 gil.
  • Some components will allow you to upgrade your weapons more efficiently. For example, the sturdy bone is an item that you can easily find or inexpensively purchase. Using 36 of these on any weapon that you want to upgrade will give that item an experience point bonus. This bonus will allow you to quickly upgrade your weapons.
  • The Enklindler sword has a special property that causes Lightning's attack gauge to increase more quickly than normal. Pairing this sword with accessories such as the Sprint Shoes will allow Lightning to attack more quickly than normal during the battle. This is vital when you face stronger enemies as the game progresses.
  • When upgrading your weapons, pay attention to the experience point increase. You only want to use the items that give the highest boost at once.
  • Once you transform a weapon to its next form, you may not return it to its previous form.

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