How to Write Small Letters in DeviantART

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DeviantART is an online art community founded in August 2000. Artists and members on deviantART interact through forums, artist profiles, art groups and comments on pieces of artwork, called deviations. If you want to make your text appear smaller on a deviantART comment, forum post, artwork description, journal post or signature, you can use subscript or superscript tags.

  • Write the tag <sub> before the text you wish to display in smaller letters.

  • Write the text you want to appear smaller.

  • Write the closing tag </sub> after the text. The text after the closing tag will appear normal. For example, if you want to write "I love this photograph" in small text, you should write "<sub>I love this photograph</sub>."

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you use the closing tag </sub>, or all of your text will appear smaller.
  • You can also use the tags <sup> and </sup> to create small text.
  • DeviantART also supports the use of <b> and </b> for bold text, <u> and </u> for underlined text and <i> and </i> for italicized text.


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