How to Pitch an Idea

Pitching an idea can be done in the form of a presentation.
Pitching an idea can be done in the form of a presentation. (Image: Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images)

When you have what you believe is a grand idea, the last thing you should likely do is keep it to yourself. For example, your idea might be able to solve the attendance problem at work or resolve an issue that has come up within a project you and your team are tackling. Sometimes, an idea can be presented casually, such as in a conversation. However, when the idea will require manpower, funding or approval, you should take the time to formally pitch your idea to your superiors.

Look for ways to get what you need to implement your idea before you pitch it. For example, if it will take funding, look through the budget to find extra money or find possible investors. If it requires manpower, create a scheduling plan to suggest a way to get the hours needed to implement the idea.

Write your elevator pitch. This is about a one minute mini-speech that sums up your idea and explains why it’s worth implementing. The elevator pitch should suggest a solution to a current problem and capture the attention of your audience.

Put together the necessary materials to pitch your idea. For example, charts or graphs that demonstrate the need to implement your idea can help your pitch. You should also document your implementation ideas, such as creating a scheduling chart to represent manpower needed for the idea.

Use statistics and numbers when you pitch your idea. You can demonstrate these numbers in your visual materials, such as with a pie chart or line graph. Relate the numbers to more concrete examples when possible.

Show excitement. When pitching your idea, be enthusiastic and show your excitement. This will help those you’re pitching to get excited about your idea as well.

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