How to Build an Arched Bridge in "The Sims 3"


An arched bridge has a rise in the center so that it slopes upward and back down as it crosses over land or water. "The Sims 3" has no bridge-building pieces with curves, but if you manipulate the 3D floor elevation on the lot that contains the bridge, you can curve a straight bridge into an arched bridge. The key to doing this is turning the floor elevation off and on with a cheat code at specific points during the bridge's construction.

Build the Bridge

  • Start "The Sims 3" and enter the lot where you want to build an arched bridge.

  • Click the "Build Mode" button on the game control panel to begin construction.

  • Click the "Foundations" tool. Click and drag a rectangle that is two squares by five squares. The grid on the lot that appears when you enter Build Mode serves as a guide and the dimensions of the object appear as you drag.

  • Click the "Back" button to exit the Foundations tool, then click the "Stairs" tool. Change the width of the stairs to "2" with the slider that appears in the tool window.

  • Click the short ends of foundation rectangle to place a set of stairs on each end. Click the "Back" button to exit the Stairs tool.

  • Click the "Fences" tool and select a style for the railings on the sides of the bridge. Click and drag on the long sides of the rectangle to place the railings. Click the "Back" button to exit the Fences tool.

  • Click the "Sledgehammer" tool and click on the second and fourth foundation blocks on each side of the bridge to remove them. This leaves blocks at the one, three and five positions as pillars to support the bridge.

  • Click the "Floors and Ceilings" tool, then click the "Wood" tab. Choose a style of planking for the bridge footpath. Click the squares on the rectangle between the sets of stairs to cover the bridge with wooden planks.

  • Click the "Sledgehammer" tool again. Click the center support pillar below the bridge to remove it. Now only pillars at the first and fifth position remain. The Floors tool is still active.

  • Click the same wooden floor style you chose in step 8 and click to replace the planks the sledgehammer removed when it took away the center pillar. The reason you do the flooring in stages is because without the temporary support pillars, you can't apply flooring tiles across the bridge. Click the "Back" button to exit the Floors tool.

Raise the Terrain to Curve the Bridge

  • Hold the "Shift," Ctrl" and "c" keys down at the same time to bring up the prompt for entering a cheat code.

  • Type, without quotes, "constrainFloorElevation false" and press the "Enter" key.

  • Click the "Go Down a Floor" button to the left of the building tools so you are viewing the foundation and stairs only.

  • Click the "Terrain" tool, then the "Raise" sub-tool. Select the small square brush, fourth from the left. Change the brush strength to its hardest setting by dragging the slider below the brush sizes all the way to the left.

  • Click points on the grid from the inside edge of one bridge support over to the inside edge of the other bridge support to raise the terrain below the bridge into a smooth curve. The more you click on a point, the higher the terrain rises. If you make a mistake, or the terrain doesn't rise evenly, click the "Undo" button to the left of the building tools to remove your last change and try again.

  • Hold the "Shift," Ctrl" and "c" keys down at the same time again and type, without quotes, "constrainFloorElevation true" when you have the terrain curved. Press the "Enter" key.

  • Click the "Go Up a Floor" button to the left of the building tools to return to viewing the entire bridge, and not just the foundation level.

  • Click the "Level" sub-tool in the Terrain tool window. Click and drag diagonally from a flat piece of terrain near the bridge stairs across to another piece of flat terrain near the opposite stairs so that your selection area encompasses the entire bridge.

  • Let up the mouse button and all the terrain below the bridge flattens, leaving behind a curved bridge over flat land.

Tips & Warnings

  • When using the Raise Terrain tool, two clicks at the edges of the bridge supports and three clicks on the two gridlines below the center of the bridge should be enough to give you a smooth curve on a two by five bridge.
  • The lot you start your bridge on must be level.

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