How to Stop Being an Administrator on Facebook


Facebook pages and groups aren’t autonomous -- they’re managed by administrators who can make layout changes, delete posts, adjust privacy settings and assign user privileges. If you are an admin who wants to relinquish your administrative privileges, remove your admin role for either a page or a group.

Facebook Page

  • Open the Facebook page, click the “Edit Page” menu and click “Manage Page Roles.”

  • Click the “X” icon to the right of your portrait to remove yourself as an administrator.

  • Click the “Save” button.

  • Enter your password when prompted and click the “Okay” button to confirm.

Facebook Group

  • Open the Facebook group page and click the “Members” tab.

  • Click the gear icon underneath your portrait and click the “Remove as Admin” button. A confirmation dialog appears.

  • Click the “Okay” button.


  • Photo Credit AndreyPopov/iStock/Getty Images
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