How to End a Friendship With a Guy


There are a host of reasons why friendships end. It could be something your friend has done that you just can't live with or your friend may to have changed into a different person. Sometime friends just drift apart and ending the relationship is best for both people. When you're ready to call it quits with one of your guy friends, be sure to make it clear why you feel as you do.

  • Be sure that ending the friendship is what you want to do. A recent argument or disagreement could have you both feel a little hot-headed, making you want to call it quits. Take a mental trip down memory lane and remember the type of friend he was and what you both shared before you sit him down for the bad news.

  • Contact him and let him know you want to talk to him when you've made up your mind that ending the friendship is the best decision for you. Warn him that you have something incredibly important to discuss and you'll need his undivided attention and a bit of time.

  • Let him know exactly how you feel. Tell him what problems you're having and how it makes you feel. Allow him a chance to respond, which may lead to him defending himself or challenging your reasons. Avoid stirring up an argument and stay on track with the topic.

  • End the friendship. Don't let it linger any longer, get to the point and let him know that you cannot continue on as friends. Tell him your decision is final and not debatable. Provide him with details for future communication especially if it is likely that you two will cross paths again. If you prefer for him to not acknowledge you at all, make that clear so there is not any miscommunication.

  • Stick to your guns if he attempts to resolve things. Once you've made your decision and don't want to argue or debate the situation with him again, ignore whatever ways he's communicating with you and be firm in your decision to end the friendship.


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