How to Upload Raw to Flicker


Most professional photographers will tell you that once you go Raw you can't go back. Shooting in Raw mode -- an uncompressed photo format -- lets you have full control over your photos in post-processing. In fact, Raw photos need to be processed, otherwise the white balance and exposure will be off. But Raw images files don't have a standard file type, so photo sharing websites such as Flickr can't process the files. To upload your Raw photos to Flickr, you need to convert the images.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cable for digital camera
  • Photo processing software (included with camera)
  • Flickr account
  • Flickr uploader (optional)
  • See if your camera has a Raw + Jpeg option for saving files. Most DSLR cameras give you this option, which sets the camera to record two images each time you release the shutter. This way, you can keep a Raw image on the memory card for post-processing and have a JPG image adjusted to the camera's settings for white balance and exposure for uploading to Flickr.

  • Install the software that came with your camera to process your Raw photos. Because each camera company has its own file format for Raw, such as .NEF for Nikon cameras and .CRW for Canon cameras, for example, your computer needs help to understand the files. The manufacturers always ship their Raw-processing software with cameras that can shoot Raw. If you've lost the original disc, browse the manufacturers support website and download the appropriate software.

  • Process your Raw images and export the photos as JPG or TIF files. These are universal formats and can be read by all computers. Flickr prefers JPG images, but can also read GIF and PNG files, and will automatically convert TIFF images and a few other formats into JPGs. Save your processed images in one of these formats to ensure compatibility with Flickr.

  • Browse to and log in using your username and password. The first page you see after you log in is called the Photostream. Click "Upload Photos & Video." Click "Choose photos and video" and then browse to the photos you save in Step 3. For uploading a few photos at a time, this interface works well, but if you are considering uploading a lot of photos, download the Flickr Uploader software ( This software works for PC and Mac operating systems, and features easy drag-and-drop functions. You can tag all of your photos within the software before you upload, then upload multiple files with one click.

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