How to Remove HM Moves From Pokemon?


Pokemon have the ability to learn three types of moves, level-up moves, Hidden Machine or HM moves, and Technical Machine or TM moves. Pokemon learn level-up moves automatically through experience. HMs and TMs require you to teach the move to your Pokemon. Which move a Pokemon can learn depends on its species. You can replace any level-up or TM move with a new move by telling the Pokemon to forget the other move. HM moves, however, require a visit to a special Move Deleter to forget. The location of this person varies by game version.

  • Travel to Canalave City if you are playing "Pokemon Diamond," "Pokemon Pearl" or "Pokemon Platinum," and visit the first house south of the Pokemon Center.

  • Travel to Blackthorn City if you are playing "Pokemon HeartGold" or "Pokemon SoulSilver," and visit the house west of the PokeMart.

  • Travel to Mistralton City if you are playing "Pokemon Black" or "Pokemon White," and visit the house east of the Pokemon Center.

  • Press the "A" button to speak to the man inside the house. He'll offer to delete any move your Pokemon knows, including HM moves.

  • Press "Yes" to accept his offer, then select the Pokemon with the move to delete and the specific move you want forgotten.

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