How Do I Make a Seesaw Effect in PowerPoint?


PowerPoint allows you to design business, academic and personal slideshows using various visual aids. You can insert pictures, audio files and video clips into your slideshows in order to make a lively presentation for your project. Inserting animation such as a teeter or seesaw effect for some objects in your slideshow can make the demonstration easily understood by your audience.

Apply a seesaw animated effect to a shape in a slideshow.
(Courtesy of Microsoft)
Step 1

Choose Shapes from the Illustrations group under the Insert tab in the ribbon bar.

Choose Shapes under the Insert tab.
Courtesy of Microsoft
Step 2

Choose the shapes you want to insert into your slideshow from among the drop-down list.

Choose the shapes.
Courtesy of Microsoft
Step 3

Click the Animations tab.

Click Animations.
Courtesy of Microsoft
Step 4

Click the shape you want to apply the seesaw effect to and choose Teeter from the Animation group.

Choose the Teeter animation to apply the seesaw effect.
Courtesy of Microsoft
Step 5

Similarly, apply the animation to other shapes in the slideshow.

Choose another shape and apply the Teeter effect.
Courtesy of Microsoft
Step 6

Click Animation Pane in the Advanced Animation group under the Animations tab to set up the starting time, duration and delay for the animated effect.

Set the time options for the effect.
Courtesy of Microsoft
Step 7

To remove the animated effect from a shape, expand the animation setting from the Animation Pane on the right sidebar and click Remove from the drop-down list . You can also set up advanced settings for the animation, such as Start On Click, Effect Options and Timing. The numbered items in the Animation Pane correspond to the numbered shapes in the slide.

Expand the setting to apply advanced settings to shapes.
Courtesy of Microsoft

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