How to Get Through Levels Fast in "League of Legends"


"League of Legends" is a multi-player online game for the PC and Macintosh. It is based on the popular "Defense of the Ancients" map for "Warcraft 3." Players select a hero to represent them for the duration of a battle, and form into equal-sized groups to battle for control of territory across the in-game map. In order to win a game of League of Legends, one team must entirely destroy their opponent's home base. "League of Legends" is very group-oriented, and requires a great degree of teamwork and coordination. With proper communication, team composition and battle strategy, you can get through a level in under 20 minutes.

  • Work with your teammates to compose a team that covers multiple roles with no glaring weaknesses. You will be placed in a lobby with the other players on your team before each battle. Use your time the lobby to discuss which characters each person will play. "Tanks" are characters with high survivability that can protect weaker allies and take the brunt of a large assault in team fights. "Supports" can heal or strengthen their allies, or disable their opponents. "Mages" have spells and abilities that enable them to deal high amounts of damage in short bursts. "Carries" start off weak but become extremely strong by the end of the game. "Junglers" roam the map fighting computer-controlled monsters.

  • Communicate constantly with your teammates. If an enemy is no longer visible on the map, tell your team that an opponent has gone "MIA." This opponent may be trying to set up a surprise attack somewhere else on the map. With vigilance, you can ensure that your team is constantly prepared for surprise attacks. Similarly, use communication to set up your own surprise attacks.

  • Focus your team's attacks on a single target. Before engaging in a large fight, decide on the order of focus for the enemy team. Focusing on one opponent at a time can quickly turn the tide in your favor. Try to attack carries and mages first, and tanks last. Press "G" on the keyboard to bring up a targeting reticle. Use this to mark a single opponent or enemy structure. This will create a beacon that is visible to your entire team. Use these beacons to ensure that your whole team is attacking the same target.

  • Buy wards from your home base and place them intelligently across the map. Wards can be found under the "Consumables" section of the shop. Wards can be placed on the map to provide vision in a small radius around them. With smart placement of wards, you can see where the enemy team is located and make strategic plans based on that information. Every map in "League of Legends" features areas of tall grass that completely conceals an enemy unit. By placing wards in tall grass, you can ensure that your opponents are unable to take advantage of the extra cover that the grass provides.

  • Attack enemy defensive structures as a group. In order to win a level in League of Legends, you need to completely destroy the opponent's base. Each team has 11 defensive structures called "towers" that fire bolts of magical energy at any opposing unit. These towers can deal heavy damage to solitary champions, but will fall quickly to a well-composed group attack. You'll need to destroy most of your opponent's towers before you can damage their base. Use the information gathered from your wards to determine when the enemy team is grouped in a single area of the map. This can provide an opportunity for your team to attack towers in a different section of the map, before the enemy can respond.

  • Stay alive at all costs. Dying gives your opponents money to spend on better equipment and consumables. Dead heroes are removed from the battlefield for a short period of time before they are "respawned" at the home base. When your team has one or more dead allies it drastically weakens your presence in team fights, in addition to negatively impacting your team's map control and awareness. Play defensively to minimize the number of deaths on your team. This means travelling in groups and staying under the protection of towers when multiple enemies are nearby. Don't allow solitary teammates to venture deep into enemy territory when most of the opposing team is "MIA," as they may become prime targets for a large assault. Keeping your teammates alive and safe will starve your opponents of money, and allow you to finish games much faster by avoiding the downtime incurred by player deaths.

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