How to Get the Goggles on "Pokemon Emerald"


To proceed through Route 111, players need to get their hands on the Go-Goggles in "Pokemon Emerald." The Go-Goggles protect a Pokemon Trainer from the harsh sandstorm that is constantly raging in the desert section of Route 111. The desert must be traveled through to complete the game, and it is home to exclusive Pokemon such as Regirock and Baltoy. The good news for Pokemon Trainers is that the Go-Goggles are automatically acquired over the course of the story of "Pokemon Emerald."

  • Go to Lavaridge Town. Lavaridge Town is located between Route 112 and the southern end of Mt. Chimney.

  • Enter the Lavaridge Pokemon Gym found directly south of the hot springs. The Gym Leader of the Lavaridge Gym use Fire type Pokemon, so bring along several Water, Rock or ground type Pokemon.

  • Defeat Gym Leader Flannery in a Pokemon battle. She uses Numel, Slugma, Camerupt and a Torkal. The Water, Rock and Ground monsters you bring to the fight will be resistant to her Fire attacks, and moves such as "Dig," "Waterfall" and "Rollout" will devastate her Fire based Pokemon.

  • Leave the Lavaridge Gym after beating Flannery's Pokemon and receiving both the Heat Badge and TM50. Your Rival appears outside of the Gym ready to give you praise for defeating Flannery. The Rival will also give you the Go-Goggles so you can explore the desert area of Route 111.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Go-Goggles equip automatically, so don't worry about putting them on your character.
  • The TM50 Flannery gives you is used to teach a Pokemon the move "Overheat." It hits the opponent with a blast of fire, but it severely reduces the user's special attack power for the remainder of the battle.

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