How to Get Snorlax to Wake Up in Leaf Green


Snorlax , the large bear-like Pokémon that spends much of its time sleeping, appears in two areas of the Kanto region in “Pokémon LeafGreen." These impeding creatures sleep in the middle of walkways, and the only way to move them is with a PokéFlute. Finding that item will be your first priority.

Acquire the PokéFlute

  • Travel to Lavender Town, which is south of the Rock Tunnel.

  • Visit the Pokémon Tower, a multistory building that serves as a Pokémon cemetery.

  • Head to the top of the tower by climbing the staircase on each floor. Blue, your rival, will challenge you to a battle on the second floor. As you scale the tower, you will have to battle Channelers, trainers who specialize in Ghost types. Wild Ghost-type Pokémon will appear sporadically; you will need the Silph Scope to identify them.

  • Heal your Pokémon on the fifth floor by standing on the glowing area in the middle of the room.

  • Defeat the Ghost Marowak on the sixth floor. You cannot capture this Pokémon, so don’t hesitate to knock it out.

  • Battle the three Team Rocket Grunts on the seventh floor. After you have defeated them, Mr. Fuji, a Pokémon caretaker, will reward you with the PokéFlute.

Waking the Snorlax

  • Travel to Route 16, west of Celadon City.

  • Play the PokéFlute to awaken Snorlax. The level 30 Snorlax will attack you, so either knock it out or capture it.

  • Travel to Route 12, a seaside route that is south of Lavender Town.

  • Play the PokéFlute to awaken the Snorlax that appears midway through the route. This Snorlax will also attack you, so be prepared to defend yourself.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don’t have the Silph Scope, you can retrieve it from the Rocket Hideout in Celadon City. You will need the item to see the Ghost Marowak in Lavender Town.
  • Use the ItemFinder near the places where Snorlax slept. You will find Leftovers, items that restore health during battle.

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