How to Draw John Deere Tractors


John Deere, an American Blacksmith, founded his company in 1837. His self-scouring steel plow was the answer that farmers had been waiting for. A native to Virginia, John Deere later settled in Illinois. He had no trouble finding work as he was the only blacksmith in the area. Deere died in 1886 at the age of 82. He left a legacy that has continued throughout the years. Today, John Deere tractors are a top-selling brand that come in many styles and continue to play a successful part in the farming business.

  • Draw the outline of a tractor. Draw a large box for the cab and a smaller box for the front of the tractor. This will be the basic guideline to follow throughout the remainder of the drawing.

  • Draw a rounded hood with lines to detail the curvature of the sides and to mark the middle of the hood. Draw a tall vent pipe towards the side of the hood close to the cab. The pipe should be as tall as the cab and should have a slight bend at the top that aims in the direction away from the tractor.

  • Draw lines on top of the cab area to show the top of the tractor. The top should extend past the edge of the cab like an overhang.Draw rectangular shaped mirrors on all of the visible edges of the overhang.

  • Draw wheels on the front and back of the tractor. The wheels should be much larger in the back. Draw circles inside the wheels to make the rims.Sketch smaller circles inside the rims to create depth where the nuts will be drawn. Draw the nuts that hold the wheels on and draw deep threads on the rubber portion of the tires.

  • Draw curved lines above each tire and detail to make them look like fenders. Draw lines on the cab to define the edges of the box shape and finish by drawing a grill on the front of the tractor. A driver's seat and steering wheel can be drawn for extra detail.

  • Color the body of the tractor green. Color the steering wheel, tires and vent pipes black. The driver's seat and tire rims should be colored yellow. John Deere has a logo that is green square shaped with rounded edges and has a yellow four-point deer inside. The square shape also has a yellow rim that outlines just inside the edges of the shape. There is sometimes a yellow stripe that runs along the side of the tractor and the words "John Deere" appear in green inside the yellow stripe.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a photo of a John Deere tractor as a guide for drawing details. An Internet search will provide numerous photos.

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