How to Create a Halloween Torture Chamber


You can set the mood for a frightful evening of Halloween fun by decorating your party area as a gruesome torture dungeon. Transform your space into a medieval-styled torture chamber using props, such as rubber axes and whips, plastic bone saws, cobwebs, scary-looking skeletons, chains and shackles from Halloween supply stores. A soundtrack of gut-wrenching moans or spooky Halloween music further sets the tone of a torture chamber.

Things You'll Need

  • Straight-edged bulletin board border
  • Tape
  • Fake chains and shackles
  • Plastic bone saws
  • Plastic sledgehammers
  • Plastic slaughtering hooks
  • Plastic meat cleavers
  • Cotton cobwebs
  • Table
  • Plastic skeletons
  • Long leather belts
  • Old wooden chair
  • Rubber or prop whips, axes and torture devices
  • Hanging bats
  • Plastic rats
  • Colored light bulbs
  • Fog machine
  • CD player
  • CD of scary sounds
  • Tape the bulletin board border on the walls vertically and horizontally. This criss-cross pattern will give the illusion of old stone dungeon walls if your party area doesn't already have stone walls.

  • Place old chains strategically around the party area on tables, in corners or hanging from the wall. This will make the area look like a place where victims are chained up until interrogated or tortured. Decorate with plastic bone saws, sledgehammers, slaughtering hooks and plastic meat cleavers.

  • Use cobwebs in the corners, near the ceiling and on certain props that won't be used during the party, such as the chains and skeletons.

  • Tie a plastic skeleton to a table using the leather belts to give the impression that a victim was tied to the table for torture and left to die. The area left on the table can be used to serve drinks or food.

  • Tie another skeleton to the wooden chair with leather belts on the wrists and shackles on the ankles to give the impression that the victim had been tortured there.

  • Decorate by nailing prop axes, whips and bats to the walls. Place plastic rats around the room, especially in the skeleton's mouths or otherwise on the body. This will make it seem like the rodents nibbled at its tortured victims.

  • Use red or green colored light bulbs to give the area a more sinister look.

  • Turn on the fog machine and play a soundtrack of scary sounds, such as moaning, whip-cracking or sinister laughter.

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