How to Play a Little Tikes Xylophone


Virtually anyone can play music if the instrument has a simple, easily understood design. Few instruments have as straightforward a design as the xylophone, especially toy xylophones or "bell sets." These instruments, such as the Little Tikes Xylophone, consist of a series of metal keys each tuned to a note in a scale. The design requires no intonation of the notes, just striking them with the proper force in the proper order. With the specially-made Little Tikes xylophone music, you can play a Little Tikes xylophone in a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Little Tikes xylophone
  • Little Tikes xylophone music
  • Remove the mallet attached to a Little Tikes xylophone with a string.

  • Grip the mallet firmly but loosely and strike any key to produce a tone. The harder you strike the key, the louder the sound it produces.

  • Open the included Little Tikes xylophone sheet music book to the desired song.

  • Read the time signature to the left of the music staff. 4/4 indicates "common" time, in which each measure, which is the portion of the music staff marked by horizontal lines, gets four quarter notes. Each measure represents a count of "one, two, three, four," and each of these numbers represents a quarter note. A half note represents a two count of "one, two" in a measure.

  • Count out the rhythm, and play the filled notes as quarter notes. Play the notes with open centers as half notes.

  • Strike each note on the key with the corresponding color.


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