How to Bend & Cut Lexan


Lexan is a type of polycarbonate plastic. It is similar to glass but is much stronger and lighter. Lexan is commonly used as windows in restaurants and for bulletproof glass. It is virtually unbreakable. Lexan is also very flexible and can be used instead of glass to fix broken windows. This type of polycarbonate can also be cut and bent to size. Cutting Lexan only takes a few minutes and bending Lexan is a job that can be completed by following a few simple instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape
  • T-square
  • Black marker
  • Utility knife
  • Medium grade sandpaper
  • Heat gun
  • Clamp
  • Fan
  • Safety goggles

Cutting Lexan

  • Measure and mark the Lexan at the cut location. Place a piece of masking tape at the cut line. This will prevent chipping when the cut it made. Run the tape all the way across the piece.

  • Line up a T-square on the masking tape and draw a straight line with a black marker over the masking tape. Place a utility knife at either end of the Lexan along the black mark. Press down firmly and run the knife straight along the T-square at the mark.

  • Score the Lexan four to six times until the blade begins to get into the center. Grab the Lexan with one hand on each side of the cut line and snap it in two. Peel off the plastic on each side and remove the masking tape. Sand down the edges with medium-grade sandpaper for a smooth and even edge.

Bending Lexan

  • Peel off the plastic from both sides of the Lexan. Set the piece of Lexan on a flat table and mark the desired bend location with the black marker. Slide the Lexan so the spot where it will bend is at the edge of the table.

  • Position a heat gun above the Lexan about 2-3 inches from the surface. Tighten down the Lexan with a clamp so it is secure to the table. Turn on the heat gun and move it side to side across the Lexan. Move it closer, but do not touch it against the Lexan and do not stay in one place too long or it will burn the Lexan.

  • Bend the Lexan to the proper form when it begins to sag over the edge of the table. Continue moving the heat gun from side to side and carefully press down on the Lexan until it is bent to the proper shape. Turn off the heat gun and blow a fan on the Lexan to help cool it down.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always wear safety goggles when working with Lexan to help protect your eyes in case small shards fly up when it is being cut.


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