How to Bring Down the Barrier for Immol'thar in "World of Warcraft"


To complete the "World of Warcraft" quest "The Madness Within" during the Dire Maul Capital Gardens instance, you have to kill the demonic beast Immol'thar. Of course, to do that you have to remove the barrier sealing him within the Prison of Immol'thar. Removing the barrier requires that you disable it's power source; namely, the pylons surrounding the prison itself. There are five pylons in all, spread out in different locations in the instance. Each pylon is guarded by elementals, so prepare for a fight.

  • Find the pylon in the courtyard near the entrance. This is the first pylon of the dungeon, easily recognizable as a huge crystal pillar surrounded by elementals. Kill the elementals to deactivate the pylon. There are lots of monsters in the area, so be careful -- it's very easy to accidentally pull them by being too close.

  • Head to the stone courtyard with Tendris Warpwood, but don't walk down the stairs to fight him. To the right of the stairs is a chamber that leads to another boss, Magister Kalrendis, as well as a staircase that takes you up to the roof -- these stairs lead to two more pylons, as well as a third boss encounter, Illyana Ravenoak and Ferra.

  • Follow the path around the roof to find two more pylons and kill their elemental guardians. These pylons are on opposite sides of the roof, one being closer to the stairs that brought you there, and one closer to Illyana Ravenoak, on the far side.

  • Take the stairs back down or leap from the roof to the floor below and return to the courtyard with Tendris Warpwood. Defeat him to open the way further into the dungeon; the corridor that opens behind him will lead directly to the Prison of Immol'thar.

  • Find the two pylons in the prison and kill the elementals. The room is a huge circle, with one pylon each on the east and west sides. Once the pylons are deactivated, Immol'thar's barrier will be lowered and you can engage him. He will also have several spectral Night Elves attacking him, who will attack you if you hit them.

Tips & Warnings

  • Once Immol'thar is defeated, you must defeat Prince Tortheldrin in order to complete "The Madness Within." He's located in a library-like chamber just off the Prison of Immol'thar. It's the only other door in the room besides the one leading back to the entrance.
  • The corridor leading to the roof sometimes has a rare monster spawn, Tzu'see. She drops better than average loot, so if she's there she is a worthwhile fight.

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