How to Know When You Need More Teamsters in "Tropico"


PopTop released "Tropico" in 2001 for the PC. The game casts players as island dictators. They can build homes, farms and businesses, so long as the economy supports it. An essential component of their nation's infrastructure is the teamster's office, which fields works to transport goods from one location to another. Without teamsters, corn will never leave the farm and arrive at market. As the nation grows, it will need more teamsters to keep industry and agriculture moving. To avoid hiring unnecessary workers, players should first check if they need more teamsters.

  • Click on a manufacturing structure, such as a farm, mine or distillery.

  • Check the building's Output Store. This shows you how many items are waiting to be delivered. If there are more than 10 items in the Output Store, then there's a kink in your delivery infrastructure.

  • Ensure that the building is connected to a market or dock with roads. If not, then teamsters cannot reach it, resulting in the backlog. Build a road to the structure and see if that lessens the overstock.

  • Click on the dock and check its Output Store. If it has 60 items, then it's at capacity and cannot accept new goods, resulting in overstock at the manufacturing centers. Build a new dock to lesson the burden.

  • Build a Teamster's Office if your manufacturing centers are backlogged, roads connect them to a marketplace and the docks have less than 50 items in storage. When these three conditions are met, you need more teamsters.


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