How to Grow the Different Grapes in the Sims 3


Like previous Sims games, you can grow food in The Sims 3. One of the types of fruit the Sims can grow is grapes. In order to grow all of the grapes available, players need the expansion pack, World Adventures. Only one type of grape seeds come with the initial game. Once grown, Sims can eat, sell or use the grapes to make nectar (with the World Adventures expansion). As with other features in the game, the more food the Sim grows, the better the grapes turn out.

  • Buy the "Grapevine" seeds from the grocery store in the neighborhood where the Sim lives, according to Carl's Sims 3 Plant List. Walk up to any grapevines you see growing around the neighborhood and click on them to take some seeds.

  • Travel to France by calling a travel agent or booking a trip on the computer. Purchase or find Cherimola Blan, Renoit, Avornalino, Meloire, Cranerlet Nuala and Gralladina Fran grape seeds from the French general store or by picking seeds off the grapevines you find.

  • Walk to an area of clear land on the Sims property. Open the Sims' inventory menu on the action bar. Click on the seed to plant it.

  • Click on the plant once a day (in Sim time) to water, fertilize or weed the grapes. Once the grapes grow, the harvest option appears when you click on the plant. You will see grapes on the plant.

Tips & Warnings

  • These type of grapes are available as of April 2011.

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