How to Put Dots on Top of an E


While the standard keyboard is made for writing in English, sometimes there are words or names from other languages that you want to leave whole and intact. Unfortunately sometimes those languages have unusual punctuation marks that aren't built into an American keyboard. Two dots over an E, an umlaut in German, is one such punctuation. However, if you know the code for putting in the letter, you can bring up both capital and lower case Es with the proper marks.

  • Open your word processing program to a blank document. If you're putting the E with the accent marks over it into a letter or paper then write until you need the mark on your page.

  • Hold the alt key and type the number sequence 0203 for a capital E with the umlaut, or the number sequence 0235 for a lower case e with the umlaut.

  • Continue writing, adding additional Es as you need to. Once you've finished, check to see that you've put in all of the letter Es that you need to.


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