How to Make Your Own Cover-Up

Cover-up is handy for covering dark circles under the eyes.
Cover-up is handy for covering dark circles under the eyes. (Image: Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images)

Purchasing cover-up makeup, or concealer, at department and drug stores can get extremely expensive after a while, but there is a way to make your own at home for less money. This type of makeup works much like a foundation does, only it's more condensed and works well when hiding under eye circles or blemishes. Using a few key ingredients, you can make your own personalized cover-up at home. Not only will it cost less, you can also perfectly match it to your skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Unblended Oriental mica
  • Large bowl
  • Glass container
  • Cream base
  • Electric mixer
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Tongue depressor

Purchase the ingredients you need for this project. There are a few online stores that sell these products. Purchase the bronze mica if your skin is darker, and purchase the beige mica if your skin is on the lighter side. You can always adjust the amount of mica in your cover-up, as mica is what gives the cover-up color. Mica is a silicate mineral, often used in the creation of electronic capacitors or islinglass, a type of glass which is more impervious to heat than typical glass. Mica can be found in the form of very small scales on granite and other rocks, or by itself in crystal form. The cream base should be thick enough to act as a concealer. Many inexpensive eye creams work wonderfully.

Crush the mica in your mortar with the pestle. Make sure to grind out any lumps you find. The mica should turn into a very fine powder. This consistency is key for your final product, so take your time to smooth out all of the lumps.

Place your cream base into your bowl. No matter how much cover-up you're making, always ensure you have two parts cream base and one part mica powder. Sometimes, if your skin is very light, you will need to use much less mica than others. Add the ground mica powder into the bowl.

Use your electric mixer to blend the cream base and the mica powder, making sure not to cause the powder to fly out of the bowl. This process should take around five minutes to blend, but if the consistency of the cover-up is still uneven, continue blending. This is your final product, so make sure the color matches your skin tone.

Test the cover-up on the back of your hand. Place some of the cover-up on your tongue depressor and blend into your skin. The concealer should be almost invisible and blend in perfectly. If the cover-up is too light, add more mica. If it's too dark, add more cream base.

Use your tongue depressor to move the cover-up into a glass container when you're finished. Store the cover-up in a dry, cool place.

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