How to Write a Logic Paper


A logic paper doesn't have to be reasonable, but many essays are graded on their ability to convince a person that an argument is logical, which is usually only done through reasoning. Convince the reader by sifting through information that backs up your claim. Don't fall into the temptation of ignoring facts that oppose your major premise, when actually these facts can strengthen your essay because you can disprove them. This is a trait shared with argumentative essays.

  • Create a major premise in your introduction. For example, all stars shine.

  • Describe in the body of your essay the qualities that make a star shine. Point out any information that contributes to the fact that stars are shining. This section includes a general observation, minor premise or particular observation.

  • Generate a persuasive conclusion by backing your major premise up with facts. If the facts aren't logical, then you haven't written a logical essay. For example, the fact that we can see the stars surely indicates that they are shine.

  • Add all facts that are relevant for a logical argument. For example, explain how a star shines. Suppress any argument you anticipate. For example, a person could say that stars were once shining, but now they have burned out and we are just seeing them now. Qualify in your essay that the light from the stars that is just reaching the Earth proves that stars shine.

  • Make a statement in your conclusion that the North Star is a star and, therefore, it must be shining. A logical essay is like a mathematical formula. Though it doesn't have to be reasonable, it does have to be logical. For example, all people are 7 feet tall. I am a person, so I must be 7 feet tall.

Tips & Warnings

  • The example of stars is a simple topic used for the purpose of explanation. In high school or post-secondary institutions, the topic will be must more complicated such as murder is killing. Abortion is killing; therefore, abortion is murder.


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