How Do I Get Excess Air Out of Water Lines in My Home?


Excess air can get into residential water lines because of various reasons, including when the water from the main line pump is turned on and off. You can tell you might have too much air in your pipes if you hear the air coming out of the faucet when the water is turned on. Another symptom is a knocking sound coming from the water pipes. While it is not dangerous, it can disrupt the flow of the water out of the faucet because you have more air in the pipes than water.

Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Shut the main water supply line off to the house. The main water supply line is generally inside of a black box and has a valve that can be turned with an adjustable wrench. Turn the valve clockwise with the adjustable wrench to shut the water off to the house.

  • Walk through the house and turn all of the water faucets inside of the house on and leave them on until the water stops flowing out of each faucet. Leave the water faucets on.

  • Flush each commode in the house and in the process, remove the back lid off of each commode tank. Once the water is out of the commode tank, hold the water plunger up by laying a flathead screwdriver across the water plunger hole. This process will allow the water to constantly flow through the commode tank to help remove the excess air from the water lines.

  • Turn the water supply valve back to the "on" position with the adjustable wrench. Walk back into the house and walk around to each faucet to watch the water flow out of each faucet. Allow the water to flow out of the faucets at full stream until the air sound is gone. Continue allowing the water to flow for another ten minutes or so to ensure that the excess air is out of the water system. Turn each faucet back off slowly and one at a time.

  • Remove the screwdrivers from each commode water plunger and put the lids back over each commode lid. Wait for the commode tanks to fill back up with water and flush each commode. This should finalize the air removal process from all of the water lines.

Tips & Warnings

  • The main water supply shut off valves are found in different locations for different homes. Most are found on the outside of the home inside of a black box. If you cant find the main water supply shut off valve, check with your local water company for assistance.
  • Make sure that nothing is obstructing the sinks or bathtub drains while the water is flowing. This will result in the water flowing out of the sink or the bathtub and onto the floor.

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