How to Be a Good Leader at Work


Every successful business has successful leaders. Without a true leader, employees would have no direction and the company would falter. A successful leader improves the company, enhances employee skills, creates a strong foundation of trust, pride and purpose, and guides employees to success. Becoming a successful leader involves gaining the trust of each individual and focusing on positivity.

Show, don’t tell. Constantly instructing employees and telling them what to do might seem like good logic for showcasing your leadership, but most employees don’t appreciate being hounded on a constant basis. Also, getting people to do what you want is usually more effective when you operate on a "Do as I do" basis rather than on a "Do as I say, not as I do" basis. For example, if you’re trying to increase safety habits in a restaurant, be the one who double checks the ovens, inspects the floors and makes sure the oven gloves are in working order.

Give your employees a sense of purpose. Regardless if you’re a manager of a Fortune 500 company or a manager of a fast food restaurant, your employees must have some reason to work, aside from money. According to Beverly Kane and Sharon Jordan-Evans' 1999 book, "Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay," 90 percent of employees said that meaningful work and making a difference and a contribution was one of the top three reasons they continued to work for their present company.

Thank your employees for completing a task or even simply doing their job. A quiet "thank you" may not seem like a lot, but it reassures the employee that he means something to both you and the company.

Guide your team along; don't micromanage. Don’t be a detail-intensive overseer and poke your head where it doesn’t belong.

Focus on positivity. Avoid reprimanding your employees, even if someone fails to perform his job correctly. The better option is to pull him aside and talk to him one on one. Find out what went wrong and what the employee thinks he can do to improve. Positivity and reassurance are two of the best ways to gain respect.

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