How to Send a Ping to Somebody


Sending a ping to someone else works as a notification that there is a new update to a blog, instant messenger or any type of website. Use ping to test the ability to reach an Internet address from a specific host by measuring the length of time it takes the ping to be recognized. A ping incorporates a basic information technology skill into your knowledge and there are many uses for the simple act of essentially knocking on someone else's terminal.

  • Send a ping from your Windows computer by selecting "Start," then "Run," and entering "cmd" in the field that appears. This opens a Windows screen that provides access to a DOS command screen for performing the ping function.

  • Enter the word "ping" from the DOS prompt and press "Enter," which displays the information on the switches for using ping. If you would like to ping an address, enter "ping" and a space, type the Internet Protocol address for the site and press "Enter." This displays the response times from the IP ddress ping request. The details include the length of time it took for the ping to reach the other machine and the time it took for it to reply to you with an echo or the exact ping you sent.

  • Key in the data for the "--n" switch, where "n" represents the number of echo requests sent out. The default request is set to four. The "-w" suffix enables you to adjust the timeout setting of your ping request while "-l" enables you to adjust the size of the ping packet, which is set to thirty-two bytes by default.

  • Sending a ping with a Mac computer can by done by going to the network utility where you can see the ping tab. From here, locate a text box to enter the network address of the terminal to which you want to send the ping. Enter either the host name or the actual IP address. Specify the number of pings you want to send out and include any other syntax for the ping. Stop the ping process from this dialog box at any time as well.

  • Send an online ping. Many web services enable you to send a ping from a browser to a selected terminal, without going through the command screen or searching for the native ping mechanism in your machine.

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